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Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation is an inevitable risk of carrying on business. If you find yourself facing a dispute which might lead to litigation, the key to minimising its negative effect is quick, strategic action. With expert advice, most commercial and personal disputes can be resolved without a trial.


In the early stage of a dispute, we can help you develop a strategy which will identify likely outcomes and any vulnerabilities in your position in order to create a path to resolution. This might include a negotiated settlement, either informally or with the help of a trained mediator.


We understand that the success of your business depends on reaching a commercial outcome. Our advice is goal focused and balances the pros and cons of proceeding to trial. As aggressive litigators, we will relentlessly pursue your rights and entitlements on your behalf both in and out of the courtroom.


If the matter does proceed to trial, our many years of litigation experience can help you get the best outcome possible from the courts. Our litigation expertise extends across a wide range of practice areas. We will use the court process to enforce your legal rights and achieve your business objectives; not only resolving disputes but creating opportunities from them.


We work across a range of disputes. This includes helping directors and shareholders in business disputes where there is conflict between co-owners or other stakeholders. We will help you to resolve the dispute or negotiate a separation of interests where business partners can no longer work together.


If you are being pursued by the Australian Taxation Office, we can represent you by negotiating and litigating liabilities to achieve tax effective outcomes. If your dispute is related to property we can help you to obtain security and facilitate property transactions.

Our expert advice includes:

  • Instituting recovery proceedings to recover debts and boost cash flow

  • Explaining your legal position, rights and opportunities so you can make an informed decision

  • Undertaking discovery and obtaining expert opinions to support your case

  • Representing you at trial

  • Advising on property related issues and disputes

  • Negotiating and litigating tax liabilities so that you don’t pay more tax than necessary

  • Acting for directors and shareholders in business disputes

  • Enforcing contractual rights via skilled negotiation, persuasion and using the court process, and managing the risk associated with uncertainties

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