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Robert James specialises in assisting health professionals with their commercial interests. Our team, led by Anthony Cannizzo, has helped a broad range of practitioners, from pharmacists to medical and allied health practitioners and groups. We understand the unique issues that arise from operating a practice in this sector, as well as the legal requirements and standards to which you must adhere.

We can assist you with the sale and purchase of health businesses, including the due diligence to ensure that it is suitable for your needs. We’ll advise you on the appropriate ownership structure, including structuring your partnership agreement to take into account the rights of each stakeholder. If there is a partnership dispute, our experienced dispute resolution team can help you find an efficient and commercial outcome.

We’ll undertake lease negotiations on your behalf, including subleases to allied health professionals, so that your rights and interests are protected. We are also experienced in drafting and reviewing franchise agreements in the health industry, and can advise you on how to draft yours for the most commercial outcome.

We can advise you on the Pharmacy Location Rules and assist with the application process, objections and ministerial discretion applications.

If you want to appeal a department decision, including Australian Community Pharmacy Authority recommendations, we will represent you throughout the judicial administrative review process.

Our experience includes:

•    Advising on the sale and purchase of health businesses

•    Advising on ownership structures

•    Drafting partnership agreements

•    Resolving partnership disputes

•    Providing tax advice

•    Undertaking lease negotiations

•    Advising on subleases to allied health professionals

•    Drafting franchise agreements

•    Advising on the Pharmacy Location Rules

•    Advising on ministerial discretion applications

•    Handling appeals of Australian Community Pharmacy Authority                               recommendations

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