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Our property and development practice covers all aspects of property acquisition, tax and structuring, financing, development, construction, sales and leasing.


Over the years, we have helped innumerable property investors and developers to achieve their objectives. Our experienced property lawyers can assist you whether your ambitions are to undertake a two or 1000 lot subdivision, and everything in between.


To achieve a commercial outcome for your development, we will help you structure and plan your affairs to maximise gains. That includes advice on joint venture agreements and developments, including drafting the  applicable agreements on your behalf. We can help you obtain finance for your project, get planning approval, draft a construction contract and arrange leasing.


We offer pre-purchase advice and help with due diligence to ensure that the purchase is the right one for you. We can guide you through the conveyancing process to ensure your transaction runs smoothly. And if there is a dispute or a breach of contract, we’ll advise you on the merits of the claim and your legal rights and remedies.


Our advice includes changes to ownership interests, including family transfers and SMSF transactions, to ensure that you comply with taxation and property legislative requirements.


Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, we offer expert advice on lease terms and obligations. If a dispute arises, we can represent you at VCAT and help you resolve the dispute in a commercial and efficient way.

Our expert advice covers:

•    The purchase and sale of property, including pre-purchase advice, conveyancing and breach of contract

•    Obtaining finance

•    Development approvals

•    Changes to ownership interests including family transfers and SMSF transactions

•    Structuring and planning matters in relation to a range of’ developments including joint venture and development agreements

•    Leasing

•    VCAT proceedings

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