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Taxation law in Australia is notoriously complex and subject to frequent change. Staying abreast of the latest developments is a significant challenge for businesses, and the penalties for not doing so can be harsh.


Our taxation experts are led by Principal George Konstas, who is a Certified Tax Advisor and member of the Taxation Institute of Australia. We work with you to help you understand your tax duties and obligations under the law across a diverse range of industries.


We believe that a smart, proactive approach to your tax affairs is key to your commercial success. Whether you’re selling or buying assets, consolidating or emerging your business, commencing a property development project or syndicating, let us advise you on how to approach the transaction. Our expert advice has helped a wide range of clients to develop a tax effective structure that maximises their returns.


We also assist with establishing and structuring trusts, estate and succession planning to ensure that the assets you leave behind will be used as intended. Our advice covers the taxation implications of your choices, both within Australia and internationally, so that your wishes can be realised without roadblock.


If your company is informed of an audit, your early compliance is essential to a good resolution. We understand that audits, investigations and disputes can feel stressful and overwhelming, and we will work with you to make the process as seamless as possible.

Our expert advice covers every aspect of taxation law for businesses and individuals, including:

•    Federal and state taxation regimes as they apply to your business

•    Sale and purchase of business assets, including property

•    Developing tax effective structures

•    Demergers and consolidations

•    Share splits

•    Tax audits, investigations & disputes

•    Trusts

•    Estate and succession planning

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