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Insolvency & Restructuring

Every business faces its share of challenges. If you find yourself in financial distress as a result of those challenges, the best thing to do is to seek help as soon as possible. Our Insolvency and Restructuring team can assist you to find a way forward.

We work with various stakeholders, including liquidators, administrators and receivers as well as the company itself. With early intervention, it is often possible to reach a negotiated resolution that allows your business to recover. It’s important that you understand your rights and obligations under the legislation, including compliance with insolvency laws. Our experienced team can guide you through that process.


We approach issues with a client focus and consider which option is best for you. This may involve restructuring your business to avoid a future insolvency, or recommending the most appropriate insolvency solution for your business. Our experience in implementing restructuring and insolvency solutions means we are able to advise you how to protect your assets during each step of the process.


We also advise on your responsibilities and obligations when your business is under financial stress. This may include addressing issues of insolvent trading and your legal obligations as a company director or corporate trustee. Our experience encompasses legal and financial issues across all industries and ranging from sole traders to large national franchises, organisations and listed companies.


We are also experienced in all areas of personal insolvency. We are able to assist if you are facing bankruptcy and can provide sensible advice in relation to other alternatives such as a personal insolvency agreement or debt agreement.

Our expert advice covers:

  • Preparation, service and advice regarding creditors’ statutory demands

  • Applications to set aside statutory demands

  • Rights and obligations of directors and shareholders under receivership, administration or liquidation

  • Rights and obligations of administrators, receivers, liquidators and trustees in bankruptcy, and acting for insolvency practitioners in Corporations Act related proceedings

  • Drafting and advising on Deeds of Company Arrangement

  • Applications to re-register a deregistered company

  • Bankruptcy and winding up proceedings

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