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With frequent changes to the law, it can be hard to keep up with understanding your rights and obligations. Whether you’re an employer or employee, we will keep you informed and protected.


At Robert James, we take a proactive approach to the employer/employee relationship. By helping you at the front end, we help avoid problems further down the track. To that end, we draft watertight employment or independent contractor agreements, and can review and provide advice on existing contracts. Whether you’re hiring or firing, dealing with employee complaints or drafting a contractor agreement, it’s important to understand your rights and obligations up front.


We also offer general employment advice on issues ranging from pay rates and record keeping to performance management and termination. With our expert guidance, due diligence in this area can reduce your chances of an expensive claim down the track. We stay abreast of the latest changes in the law so that you don’t accidentally fall foul of new obligations, and offer timely advice on how to make changes to ensure compliance.


Sometimes, however, no matter how many precautions are taken, you can’t prevent a claim from being levelled against your business. In the event that you encounter an employment related issue, get in touch. We can provide advice on how to manage the claim and, if necessary, represent you in dispute resolution or litigation at the Fair Work Commission and in the courts.


Our experience extends not only to employers, but employees as well. Whether you are facing an issue with restraint of trade, need a contract to be reviewed, advice on entitlements or related disputes, we can assist you.

Our expert advice covers:

  • Assisting businesses with expansion plans across Australia and internationally.

  • Initial establishment of a suitable corporate structure

  • Tax advice

  • Drafting applicable contracts

  • Regulatory compliance with franchise laws in Australia and internationally

  • Property leasing

  • Undertaking trademark applications in Australia and internationally

  • Sale/Purchase of business units or entire chains

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